Woody-Root Dark-Flower
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Woody-Root Dark-Flower
P Native Photo: Momang Taram
Common name: Woody-Root Dark-Flower
Botanical name: Peliosanthes ligniradicis    Family: Asparagaceae (Asparagus family)

Woody-Root Dark-Flower is an evergreen perennial herb with stem rhizome-like, up to 10 cm long, 1 cm in diameter, unbranched, knobby, part above ground usually erect, 1.5-3 cm tall, covered with several loose papyraceous scales. Flowering stem, including flower-cluster-stalk and inflorescence axis, up to 8-25 cm tall; flower-cluster-stalk erect, rigid, 3-5 cm long, 2-4 mm wide, purplish. Inflorescence is a raceme, with axis 5-18 cm long, green, purplish green or purple, bearing densely arranged 24-60 flowers. Floral bracts are green, linear-lanceshaped, subulate or linear, 8-15 mm long, 1-2 mm wide, exceeding flowers. Flowers are solitary in bracts, looking down, joined with a purplish flower-stalk 3-4 mm long. Flowers are fleshy, purplish green, proximal syntepalous part obconic, distally 6-parted; segments obliquely spreading, ovate oblong to oblong, 3-4 mm long, 2 mm wide. Corona is 1 mm tall, 3-4 mm in diameter. Roots are many, wiry, some stilt-like, rigid, semi-woody, up to 5 mm in diameter. Leaves are 1-3 per annual node, erect, stalked; leaf-stalk rigid, 13-20 cm long, 3-4 mm wide; blade narrowly elliptic, 18-25 cm long, 5-6 cm wide, base decurring into a leaf-stalk, margin entire, tip pointed to tapering, hairless. Immature berry-like seeds are oval, 1-1.5 cm long, 5-8 mm across, greenish, seed core ellipsoid. Woody-Root Dark-Flower is found in NE India, presently known only from East-Siang distt, Arunachal Pradesh. Flowering: September-December.

Identification credit: Noriyuki Tanaka Photographed in Pasighat, East-Siang distt, Arunachal Pradesh.

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