White Himalayan Lily
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White Himalayan Lily
ative Photo: Anurag Dhyani
Common name: White Himalayan Lily, Many-leaved lily • Hindi: kalihari, क्षीरकाकोली ksirakakoli • Kannada: ksirakakoli • Malayalam: ക്ഷീരകാകൊലീ ksirakakoli • Sanskrit: kakoli, क्षीरकाकोली ksirakakoli • Tamil: ksirakakoli • Telugu: ksirakakoli
Botanical name: Lilium polyphyllum    Family: Liliaceae (Lily family)

White Himalayan Lily is a rare Himalayan lily with 1-10 pendant, fragrant, large, waxy, bell shaped with the lower half of the tepals strongly recurved. Tepals are white or pink with many dark pink or purple spots and stripes. Anthers are large, yellow to orange. Stem is 2-4 ft tall, stiff. Leaves are small, lanceshaped, scattered. Bulb is long and narrow, white, forming long roots - it is said to grow up to 60 cm deep in the soil. The three angled capsule is 4-7 cm long with many winged seeds. White Himalayan Lily is found in the Himalayas, from Afghanistan to Nepal, at altitudes of 1800-3700 m. Flowering: June-July.
Medicinal uses: The tuberous roots are used as a tonic in emaciation and as a source of energy, after dry roasting.

Identification credit: B.P. Nautiyal, Anurag Dhyani Photographed in Dhanaulti, Uttarakhand & Sirmaur distt, Himachal Pradesh.

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