White Champa
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White Champa
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: White Champa, White Champak, • Assamese: Tita-sopa • Bengali: চম্পা Champa • Hindi: चम्पा Champa • Kannada: Sampige • Konkani: Pudchampo • Manipuri: ꯂꯩꯍꯥꯑꯣ ꯑꯉꯧꯕꯥ Leihao angouba • Marathi: Champa • Nepali: अैाले चाँप Aule chaanp • Oriya: Chompa • Sanskrit: Champaka • Tamil: Sambagan • Telugu: Champangi • Urdu: Champa چمپا
Botanical name: Magnolia x alba    Family: Magnoliaceae (Magnolia family)
Synonyms: Michelia alba

White Champa is a hybrid between M. champaca anf M. montana, grown as an ornamental and used medicinally. The plant is usually not fruiting and is propagated by grafting. It is a tree up to 17 m tall, up to 30 cm d.b.h. with bark gray. Flowers are very fragrant. Tepals are 10, white, lanceshaped, 3-4 cm x 3-5 mm. Staminal connective protruding and forming a long tip. Branches and leaves are fragrant after being crushed. Twigs are patent, forming a broadly umbelliform crown.Young twigs and buds are densely pale yellowish white puberulous, trichomes gradually deciduous with age. Leaf-stalks are 1.5-2 cm, sparsely puberulous, leaves long elliptic to narrowly ovate, 10-27 x 4-9.5 cm, thinly leathery, base cuneate, tip long-pointed to tip falling off. Flowering: April-September.

Identification credit: Shivendra Sharma Photographed in Imphal, Manipur & Amroha, Uttar Pradesh.

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