White Alder
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White Alder
aturalized Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: White Alder, Politician's Flower, White Butter Cup
Botanical name: Turnera subulata    Family: Passifloraceae (Passion Flower family)

White Alder is a perennial herb, often woody at the base, 30-80 cm high, with a frequently very strong taproot. Native to West Indies, Brazil, and Central America, White Alder sports white flowers with yellow halo around black centers, and is naturalized in the Indian subcontinent. Stems cylindrical, leafy over a considerable length, densely hairy. Leaves not crowded, ovate-elliptic or ovate-oblong, very distinctly dentate-serrate. Flowers in the higher leaf-axils. Petals with a slightly hairy, 3-4 mm long claw, blade obovate, broadly rounded, entire, above the claw glabrous, finally above the base much spreading or subreflexed.

Identification credit: Nandan Kalbag Photographed in Alibag & Pune, Maharashtra.

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