Water Dropwort
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Water Dropwort
P Native Unknown Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Water Dropwort, Water Celery, Water Parsley • Manipuri: ꯀꯣꯝꯞ꯭ꯔꯦꯛ Komprek • Tangkhul: Hanchamhan • Angami: Gakra
Botanical name: Oenanthe linearis    Family: Apiaceae (Carrot family)
Synonyms: Oenanthe javanica subsp. linearis, Oenanthe sinensis

Water Dropwort is a perennial herb, 30-70 cm tall. Roots fibrous or spindle-shaped. Stems decumbent, rooting at lower nodes, unbranched or few-branched above. Leaves are heteromorphic. Lower leaves are 1-pinnate, rarely 2-pinnate; pinnae linear, 20-40 x 1-2 mm. Upper leaves are stalkless, 1-pinnate; pinnae linear, 10-40 x 1-3 mm. Flowers are borne in umbels 2-4 cm across, often leaf-opposed; flower-cluster-stalks 2-10 cm; bracts absent, or 1, linear; rays 3-12, 1.5-3 cm, unequal; bracteoles 3-8, linear or linear-lanceshaped, 3-6 mm, unequal. Umbellules are 8-20-flowered; flower-stalks 1.5-4 mm. Calyx teeth are about 0.5 mm. Styles about 2 mm, reflexed. Fruit is ovoid, about 2 x 1.5 mm; dorsal and intermediate ribs thread-like. Water Dropwort is found in India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, at altitudes of 800-3000 m. Flowering: May-July.
Medicinal uses: Leaves are used as appetizer and digestive.

Identification credit: Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Imphal, Manipur.

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