Venezuelan Treebine
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Venezuelan Treebine
ntroduced Photo: Jui Pethe
Common name: Venezuelan Treebine, Arabian wax cissus, Peruvian Grape Ivy
Botanical name: Cissus rotundifolia    Family: Vitaceae (Grape family)
Synonyms: Vitis crassifolia, Cissus crassifolia, Saelanthus rotundifolius

Venezuelan Treebine is a vigorous climber up to 30 ft long. Stems are often 4-5-angled, velvety of hairless. Tendrils are 2-fid. Leaves are simple or occasionally lobed. Leaf-stalks is velvety, up to 1 cm long. Leaves are up to 8 x 8 cm, circular to ovate, blunt at the tip, margin toothed, heart-shaped at the base, velvety to hairless on both sides, thick and fleshy. Stipules are up to 4 mm. long, semicircular, hairless, falling off. Flowers are borne in lax cymes, leaf-opposed and at branch ends. Cymes are carried on 3 cm long stalks. Flower-stalks are 4-5 mm. long lengthening to 1 cm in fruit. Flower-buds are 3.5 x 1.5 mm. Calyx 1 mm. long, entire. Petals are green. Ovary hairless, style 0.5 mm long. Fruit is 1.5 x 1.3 cm, red when ripe. Seeds are 1-2 per fruit, 9 mm. long, smooth with single crest. Venezuelan Treebine is native to Africa and the Arabian peninsula.

Identification credit: Jui Pethe
Photographed in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.
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