Trailing Lantana
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Trailing Lantana
ntroduced Photo: Radhika Vatsan
Common name: Trailing lantana, Weeping lantana, Creeping lantana, {Samballei, Nongballei, Thirei} (Manipuri), Raimu niya राईमुनिया (Hindi), உன்னிச்செடி Unnichedi (Tamil), तणतणी tantani (Marathi)
Botanical name: Lantana montevidensis      Family: Verbenaceae (verbena family)

Not as well known as the common lantana (Lantana camara), trailing lantana will only get 12-15" in height with a 3-6 foot spread, making it a nice groundcover. The blooms are lilac pink to purple with yellow centers, appear in flowerhead clusters that are 1 in (2.5 cm) across, from spring to fall, and are great for attracting butterflies. This tender tropical evergreen has dark green leaves with a rough hairy texture. The foliage will change to a red to purple color in the colder months. The foliage is very aromatic and can irritate the skin of some people. The trailing lantana does not seem to naturalize as readily and isn't as invasive as its cousin, common lantana. The unripe berries of Lantana species are toxic. Livestock and pets have become ill after eating the foliage.
Photographed in Goa
Identification credit: Radhika Vatsan • Is this flower misidentified? If yes,