Toothed-Leaf Allophylus
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Toothed-Leaf Allophylus
P Native Photo: Bubai Bera
Common name: Toothed-Leaf Allophylus • Hindi: Tippani • Kannada: Sidisale, Sisidale • Malayalam: Perakudikkai, Mukkannanpezhu, Mukkannaperuku, Siruvalli • Marathi: Memdri, Mirisat, Tipani • Sanskrit: triputah • Tamil: Siruvalli, Perakudikkai • Telugu: Eravalu, Guvvaguti, juttika, paladondativva
Botanical name: Allophylus serratus    Family: Sapindaceae (Soapberry family)
Synonyms: Allophylus cobbe var. serratus, Ornitrophe serrata, Schmidelia serrata

Toothed-Leaf Allophylus is a straggling shrubs with branchlets warty. Leaves trifoliolate. Leaflets are up to 18 x 9 cm, ovate, toothed, tapering at tip, narrowed at base; nerves about 13 pairs; leaflet-stalk 3-7 mm long; leaf-stalk 8-10 cm long. Flowers are borne 3-5-together, 4 mm across; flower-stalk 3 mm long, jointed. Sepals are 1.5 mm in diameter, round, petals 2 x 1 mm, spoon-shaped; lobes of disc round. Drupes are 4 mm across, puberulus. Toothed-Leaf Allophylus is found in India and Sri Lanka. Flowering: July-October.
Medicinal uses: Toothed-Leaf Allophylus is known to possess various therapeutic properties. The plant has a distinction of being used in Ayurveda as an anti-inflammatory and carminative drug, and has been used in elephantiasis, oedema, fracture of bones, several gastrointestinal disorders including dyspepsia, anorexia and diarrhoea.

Identification credit: Bubai Bera Photographed in Chilkigarh, West Bengal.

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