Tight-Head Sedge
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Tight-Head Sedge
P Native Photo: Kunal Odedra
Common name: Tight-Head Sedge
Botanical name: Cyperus conglomeratus    Family: Cyperaceae (Sedge family)
Synonyms: Cyperus acutiflorus, Cyperus falcatus, Cyperus pappii

Tight-Head Sedge is a clustered perennial herb, 4-30 cm. Rhizome short, producing tillers; roots woolly. Stem is 1-2.5 mm in diameter, bluntly trigonous or round, stiff, smooth or shallowly papillose, base sometimes slightly swollen. Leaves are up to as long as the stem; sheaths 1-12 cm, stiff, yellow brown to dark brown, disintegrating into fibres, mouth margin concave; blades channelled, stiff, margins scabrous, tip pointed or blunt, scabrous. Flowers are borne in a single, round spike; bracts longer than spike, leaf-like. Spikes are 7-20, about 2-4 mm, compressed to almost round, with glumes closely imbricating or latter rather lax; glumes boat-shaped, with a short sharp point, inner side often reddish, margins scarious. Stamens 3. Tight-Head Sedge is native to N. Africa to Kenya, Indian Ocean, N Africa to SW Israel and NW India.

Identification credit: Kunal Odedra Photographed at Brahmaji Temple Beach, Miyani, Porbandar, Gujarat.

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