Thailand Orchid
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Thailand Orchid
ative Photo: Susmita Basu
Common name: Thailand Orchid
Botanical name: Chiloschista lunifera    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Sarcochilus luniferus

Thailand orchid is an unusual leafless orchid found from Eeaster Himalayas, Nepal, Sikkim to Malaysia and Thailand. The plant looks like a cluster of silvery roots, emanating from a central growth point, with no visible leaves or stem. The roots have chlorophyll, and photosynthesize, feeding the plant. When in bloom, the plant profusely produced short flower spikes, bearing many small fragrant vanilla-scented flowers, white-yellow petals with reddish brownish spots.

Identification credit: Susmita Basu
Photographed at Jaldapara, West Bengal.
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