Tall Baeckea
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Tall Baeckea
P Introduced Photo: Tabish
Common name: Tall Baeckea, Twiggy baeckea
Botanical name: Sannantha virgata    Family: Myrtaceae (Bottlebrush family)
Synonyms: Baeckea virgata, Leptospermum virgatum, Babingtonia virgata

Tall Baeckea is an erect shrub, 1-4 m tall, with stems spreading, and sometimes pendulous at the tips. Leaves are lanceshaped to inverted-lanceshaped, 1-2.5 cm long, 2-6 mm wide, with a prominent midvein. Leaves are in opposite pairs, which are alternately perpendicularly arranged. Flowers are small, white, up to 8 mm across, with 5 almost round petals. Flowers are borne 3-7 together in umbel-like clusters. Capsules are upto 3 mm across. Tall Baeckea is native to Australia and New Caledonia, cultivated as a garden plant elsewhere.

Identification credit: Tabish, Peter Wilson Photographed in cultivation in Ooty, Tamil Nadu.

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