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ative Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: Surangi • Bengali: Nageswar • Hindi: Surangi सुरंगी • Kannada: ಸುರಗಿ Suragi, ಸುರ್ಗಿ Surgi, ಸುರಂಗಿ Surangi, ಪುನ್ನಾಗ Punnaga • Konkani: Surangan • Marathi: Surangi • Mizo: Suktlawng • Oriya: Chiuriana • Sanskrit: पुन्नाग Punnag • Telugu: సురపొన్న Suraponna
Botanical name: Mammea suriga    Family: Calophyllaceae (Beautyleaf family)
Synonyms: Calophyllum suriga

Surangi is a medium size endemic tree confined to Western Ghats. Leaves 6-8, thickly coriaceous, dark green, base rounded, mid rib stout prominent, veins few, indistint, very slender, and nery beautiful in appearance; petiole short. The flowers have an uncanny resemblance to those of Sultan Champa. Infact, one of its synonyms puts it in the same genus as Sultan Champa. It sports beautiful rounded buds, which bloom into four-petaled white flowers. The petals are wide and rounded, and there is a mass of yellow stamens at the center. The flowers are extremely fragrant, and its powerful scent can hit our nostrils even from a distance, say, half a kilometre. Fruit is 1 in long, obliquely ovoid, 1-seeded.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale Photographed in Maharashtra.

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