Stem-Less Oberonia
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Stem-Less Oberonia
ative Photo: Pankaj Kumar
Common name: Stem-Less Oberonia
Botanical name: Oberonia acaulis    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Iridorkis myriantha, Malaxis myriantha, Malaxis sikkimensis

Stem-Less Oberonia is an epiphytic orchis found in China, Eastern Himalayas, Nepal, Bhutan, Myanamar, Thailand and Vietnam at altitudes of 1000-1650 m. It is a small to medium sized orchid with a short stem carrying 3-5, linear-ensiform, falcate, unequal leaves. It blooms in the fall and winter on a verticiliate, long, slender, decurved, 16-37 cm long, densely many flowered inflorescence, in leaf axil. The inflorescence has distant linear bracts and lance-shaped, acuminate, floral bracts.

Identification credit: Pankaj Kumar
Photographed in Uttarakhand.
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