Stalked Mangosteen
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Stalked Mangosteen
E Native Photo: Momang Taram
Common name: Stalked Mangosteen • Adi: Tabing-Tarak • Assamese: বৰ ঠেকেৰা Bor Thekera • Bengali: Tikur • Karbi: Ampri Arong • Khasi: Sohdanei, Dieng-soh-danei • Manipuri: ꯍꯩꯕꯨꯡ Heibung • Mishing: Tabing esing • Sanskrit: Amlavetasah • Tangkhul: Changneira
Botanical name: Garcinia pedunculata    Family: Clusiaceae (Garcinia family)

Stalked Mangosteen is a large evergreen tree with fluted trunk with short spreading branches. Branchlets are slightly four angled. Leaves are lanceshaped, midrib stout. Flowers are 4-5-merous, dioecious, pseudobisexual and female ones, always less, flower-stalk short or stalkless, sepals 4 or 5-6, overlapping, decussate in pairs, or usually persistent in fruit, petals 4, rarely 5, overlapping or contorted, alternating with sepals. Male flowers are pale green in few flowered panicle ; female flowers solitary. Fruit is spherical, 8-12 cm in diameter, with fleshy aril. The ripe fruits which are very sour are eaten raw or cooked with sugar. It can also be preserved by slicing and drying. Stalked Mangosteen is found in East Himalaya to China.

Identification credit: Momang Taram Photographed in Arunachal Pradesh.

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