Spherical Pipewort
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Spherical Pipewort
ative Photo: Rahul Prabhu Khanolkar
Common name: Spherical Pipewort • Marathi: गॆंद Gend
Botanical name: Eriocaulon sedgwickii    Family: Eriocaulaceae (Pipewort family)

Spherical Pipewort is an erect annual aquatic herb, 15-20 cm tall. Stems are almost absent. Long membranous leaves, 7-15 cm, arise from the roots, with sheaths at the base. Minute white flowers are arranged in spherical heads, carried on long, slender, grooved, vertical stalks. Flowers are white, 7-9 mm diameter. Bracts below the flowers are black. Spherical Pipeworts are occasionally found gregariously growing in shallow flowing water on plateaus in Western Ghats. Flowering: August.

Identification credit: Rahul Prabhu Khanolkar
Photographed in Belgaum, Karnataka.
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