Snail Vine
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Snail Vine
P Introduced Photo: Rakesh Singh
Common name: Snail Vine, Wandering Cowpea
Botanical name: Sigmoidotropis speciosa    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)
Synonyms: Vigna speciosa, Phaseolus speciosus

Snail Vine is an ornamental vine with large purple flowers that have a recurved stamen tube. Sepal-cup is broadly bell-shaped, 6-7 mm. long, velvet-hairy or glabrate, the upper lip short and broad, the 3 lower teeth large, broad, blunt, shorter than the tube. Flower-cluster-stalks are usually much longer than the leaves, the flowers few, clustered near the end of the flower-cluster-stalk, shortly stalked. The stems are rather densely hairy with spreading hairs. Leaves are trifoliate with leaflets ovate or rhombicovate, 4-11 cm long, pointed or tapering, rounded or broadly wedge-shaped at the base, sparsely hairy above, usually densely hairy beneath. Pods are about 11 cm long and 4-5 mm. wide, linear, strongly compressed, long-narrowed. Snail Vine is native to Mexico to S. Tropical America, grown as an ornamental plant worldwide.

Identification credit: Rakesh Singh Photographed in cultivation in Surat, Gujarat.

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