Small-Flowered Tongue-Lip
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Small-Flowered Tongue-Lip
ative Photo: Thingnam Sophia
Common name: Small-Flowered Tongue-Lip, Small Flowered Rhynchoglossum
Botanical name: Rhynchoglossum obliquum    Family: Gesneriaceae (Gloxinia family)
Synonyms: Loxotis obliqua, Rhynchoglossum obliquum var. parviflora

Small-Flowered Tongue-Lip is a small plant, 5-50 cm tall. Flowers are small, blue-white with a cylindrical tube constricted at the mouth. Flowers are two-lipped, with upper lipped divided into two and the lower one longer, 3-lobed with the outer lobes curved. Flowers are borne in spikes up to 12 cm long, but often much smaller. Flowers are 8-10 mm long, sepal cup 3-4 mm long, enlarging to 8 mm in fruit, and covering the capsule. Alternately arranged leaves, 4-10 cm long, are elliptic long-pointed, with highly asymmetric heart-shaped bases. Leaves are long stalked. Small-Flowered Tongue-Lip is found in the forests and shady banks of the Himalayas, from Uttarakhand to NE India and Burma. It is also found in the Western Ghats. Flowering: September-November.

Identification credit: Navendu Pāgé Photographed in Maram, Manipur, Mussoorie, Uttarakhand & Mishmi Hills, Arunachal Pradesh.

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