Sky Blue Karvy
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Sky Blue Karvy
ative elliptic Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: Sky Blue Karvy • Marathi: पातरी Patri, Waiti • Kannada: Pit-karvi
Botanical name: Strobilanthes ixiocephalus    Family: Acanthaceae (Acanthus family)
Synonyms: Thelepaepale ixiocephala, Strobilanthes glutinosus, Strobilanthes eriocephalus

Sky Blue Karvy is a small straggling shrub found in Konkan, the Deccan and Kanara in India. It is very common and abundant in Khandala and Brahmagiri hills of Nashik in Maharashtra at an altitude of 500-900 m. It is a much branched, aromatic bushy shrubs; stem viscid, glandular-hairy, swollen above the nodes. Leaves opposite, unequal, elliptic-lanceolate, crenate, sharp tip. Flowers 2.5-3 cm long, white or pale blue, in axillary or terminal condensed spikes. Calyx 1 cm long, connate ; lobes 5, linear, obtuse. Corolla tube broad and swelling out on one side, 6-7 mm above the base. Stamens 4, included ; filaments basally united, margin of staminal-tube hairy ; anther cells oblong, Ovary 2-loculed ; ovules 2 ; style broad at middle, pubescent upwards ; stigma obscurely 2-lobed. Twigs and floral heads of the plant yield about 0.5% of an essential oil Flowering: December-January.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale Photographed in Lonavala, Maharashtra.

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