Shrubby Deeringia
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Shrubby Deeringia
ative Photo: Amit Kumar
Common name: Shrubby Deeringia • Assamese: rangoli-lota • Bengali: golamohani • Hindi: kalalori, latman, wali • Nepali: रातो लट्टे Raato Latte, पसरा बेथे Pasaraa Bethe
Botanical name: Deeringia amaranthoides    Family: Amaranthaceae (Amaranth family)
Synonyms: Achyranthes amaranthoides, Celosia baccata, Deeringia baccata

Shrubby Deeringia is a climbing shrub with stem 2-6 m tall, often with pendulous branches, hairy when young. Leaf-stalks are 1-4 cm, hairless. Leaves are ovate or ovate-lanceshaped, at first sparsely hairy, later hairless, base narrow, blunt, rounded, or ovate-flat, tip pointed or long-pointed. Flowers arise in racemes in leaf axils and at ends of branches, arranged into complex thyrsoid structures. Bracts are narrowly triangular, about 1.5 mm; bracteoles ovate, about 1 mm. Flower stalks are 2-3 mm. Flowers are broadly spreading or reflexed at anthesis. Tepals are light green or somewhat yellowish, tinged red in fruit, 1.5-2.5 mm. Filaments are fused into a cup at base; stigmas 3, reflexed in fruit. Berry is red, round, 4-7 mm in diameter. Flowering: October-March.

Identification credit: Sumer Chandra Photographed in Sahastradhara, Dehradun.

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