Sandy Rebutia
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Sandy Rebutia
ntroduced Photo: Marisha Sharma
Common name: Sandy Rebutia
Botanical name: Sulcorebutia arenacea    Family: Cactaceae (Cactus family)
Synonyms: Rebutia arenacea, Weingartia arenacea

Sandy Rebutia is a beautiful cactus from Bolivia, with perfectly neat, symmetrical spines and profuse yellowish orange flowers. This cactus is indeed beautiful even without its blooms. The stems can form pups after a certain size and age. Stems are globoid flat to the ground 2-4 cm tall 2-6 cm in diameter, yellowish, greenish to brownish, purple, with about 30 spiralled and strong tuberculate ribs. Areoles are elongate, creamy grey. Spines are 14-16, tiny, up to 4 mm long, pectinate held tightly that give a sandy effect. Flowers are 2.5-3 cm large and long, yellow to yellowish- orange.

Identification credit: Nongthombam Ullysess
Photographed in Noamundi, Jharkhand.
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