Rush-Like Habenaria
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Rush-Like Habenaria
P Native Photo: Jambey Tsering
Common name: Rush-Like Habenaria
Botanical name: Platanthera juncea    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Habenaria juncea

Rush-Like Habenaria is a terrestrial orchid with tuber solitary, ellipsoid with many fibrous hairs. Whole plant is about 12-20 cm in height. Stem is two third of the whole plant, very slender but with a comparatively stout base which is covered with lanceshaped sheaths, cylindrical; also with a narrow lanceshaped erect bract around its upper third portion. Leaf is solitary, arising from the base of the stem, oblong to ovate, slightly decurved at its tip, 1.5-2.5 cm long and about 1.25 cm wide, narrowed at its base to a tubular sheath, three veined. Flowers are many, borne in a laxly arranged spike. Flowers are very small, less then 1 cm across. Flower are pale green with the outer surface of the sepals a darker shade, spur pale green and translucent. Sepals are unequal, ovate to lanceshaped; dorsal broader and shorter than the lateral, diagonally erect; lateral spreading diagonally. Petals are ovate, as long as the dorsal sepal and connivent with it to form a hood. Lip is longer than the sepals and petals, entire, its tip minutely decurved. Spur is very small, cylindrical with broadened tip. Floral bracts are narrow and erect, smaller and arising from the lower portion of the erect and twisted ovary. Rush-Like Habenaria is found in Eastern Himalaya, from Nepal to NE India, at altitudes of 3000 m or more.

Identification credit: Jambey Tsering Photographed in Tawang, Arunachal Pradesh.

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