Rosy Lobelia
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Rosy Lobelia
P Native Photo: Thingnam Sophia
Common name: Rosy Lobelia
Botanical name: Lobelia rosea    Family: Campanulaceae (Bell flower family)
Synonyms: Dortmanna rosea, Rapuntium roseum

Rosy Lobelia is a tall herb having stem with horizontal branches, upwards softly hairy, leaves narrowly lanceshaped velvety above, flower-cluster-stalks crowded raceme-like. Stem is 4-12 ft., nearly erect, branches short, horizontal with drooping tips, flowers crowded. Leaves are 15 by 2.5 cm, narrowed at both ends, nearly stalkless, minutely toothed. Flower-cluster-stalks are 0.6 cm, rarely 2.5 cm, softly hairy, often recurved. Calyx-tube is hairy, teeth linear minutely toothed. Flowers are about 2 cm, rose or white. Anthers usually very hairy on the backs, tips of 2 lower bearded. Capsules are 8 mm in diameter, nearly spherical. Seeds ellipsoid, compressed. Rosy Lobelia is found in Subtropical Himalaya, from Kumaun to Bhutan, NE India, Burma, at altitudes of 300-1200 m. It is abundant in NE India.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Manipur.

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