Rosy Fox Brush Orchid
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Rosy Fox Brush Orchid
P Native Photo: Jambey Tsering
Common name: Rosy Fox Brush Orchid • Manipuri: ꯃꯣꯔꯦ ꯁꯝꯖꯤꯔꯩ Moreh samjirei
Botanical name: Aerides rosea    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Aerides fieldingii, Aerides trigona, Aerides williamsii

Rosy Fox Brush Orchid is a medium to large sized, tree-dwelling or rock-dwelling orchid with clumping drooping stems carrying several strap-shaped leaves. The plant blooms in the spring and summer on a raceme-like or rarely branched, 60 cm long, densly many (20-25) flowered inflorescence. Flowers are waxy with a fragrance of lily of the valley flowers. Flowers are white, spotted or tinged with purplish red, particularly on lip, opening widely; flower-stalk and ovary 1.2-1.4 cm. Dorsal sepal nearly obovate, about 12 x 7 mm, tip blunt; lateral sepals ovate, about 8 x 7 mm, blunt. Petals are obovate, about 10 x 7 mm, blunt; lip triangular to trullate, slightly laterally compressed, 1.4-1.6 x 0.8-1.1 cm, immovable, 3-lobed, tip pointed; lateral lobes small, incurved over mouth of spur; mid-lobe arrow-shaped, triangular-pointed. Rosy Fox Brush Orchid is native East Himalaya to S. China and Indo-China.

Identification credit: Jambey Tsering Photographed in Tippi, West Kameng, Arunachal Pradesh.

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