Resurrection Lily
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Resurrection Lily
ntroduced Herb elliptic Photo: Nitin Nair
Common name: Peacock Plant, Resurrection Lily, Peacock Ginger
Botanical name: Kaempferia pulchra      Family: Zingiberaceae (ginger family)

Resurrection Lily has broad flat foliage that is deep bronze in color with various patterns marking the leaves. This is the parent plant for many of the most popular Kaempferia hybrids. The flowers are showy by Kaempferia standards, mauve-violet with a white spot in the center, and shaped somewhat like Impatiens. The plant will bloom through most of the summer. Native to South East Asia, the plant apparently dies out in winters. Bulbs that have laid dormant and leafless, hiding through winter, reappear out of the ground. That gives it the common name Resurrection Lily.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Trivandrum.

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