Red Spider Lily
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Red Spider Lily
ntroduced Photo: Satyendra Tiwari
Common name: Red Spider Lily
Botanical name: Lycoris radiata    Family: Amaryllidaceae (Nargis family)
Synonyms: Amaryllis radiata, Nerine radiata

Red Spider Lily is a bulbous perennial. It normally flowers before the leaves fully appear, on stems 30-70 cm tall. The leaves are parallel-sided, 0.5-1 cm wide with a paler central stripe. The red flowers are arranged in umbels. Individual flowers are irregular, with narrow petals which curve backwards, and long projecting curved stamens. Red Spider Lily is originally from China, Korea and Nepal, now cultivated worldwide. The bulbs of Lycoris radiata are very poisonous. These are mostly used in Japan, and they are used to surround their paddies and houses to keep the pest and mice away.

Identification credit: Satyendra Tiwari Photographed in Bandhavgarh, Madhya Pradesh & Jaipur, Rajasthan.

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