Red Shield Plant
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Red Shield Plant
P Native Photo: Preetha P.S.
Common name: Red Shield Plant, Red Arrow Leaf
Botanical name: Homalomena pendula    Family: Araceae (Arum family)
Synonyms: Homalomena rubra, Homalomena rosea, Caladium pendulum

Red Shield Plant is a perennial herb, with the leaves ovate-heart-shaped, dull green, 6-20 cm long, with the two lower lobes rounded. The common name comes from the shape of the leaves which look like shields. The leaf-stalk is 25-30 cm long. The spathe is red, oblong, convoluted, measureing 6-8 cm long and not constricted in the middle, with the white spadix peeping out of it. The flowers are unisexual. The fruit is small and greenish. Red Shield Plant is found in SW India, NE India to W. Malesia.

Identification credit: Preetha P.S. Photographed in Kollam, Kerala.

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