Red Alyce Clover
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Red Alyce Clover
ative Herb lanceshaped Photo: Rahul Prabhu Khanolkar
Common name: Red Alyce Clover • Marathi: लाल शेवरा Lal shevra
Botanical name: Alysicarpus tetragonolobus    Family: Fabaceae (Pea family)

Red Alyce Clover is a slender herb, 5-10 cm tall. Hairy branches are trailing and spreading. Leaves are lance-like and 1-foliate. Lancelike leaflets are 2-3 cm long, with a rounded base. Flower occur in 5-8 cm long lax racemes. Flowers in opposing pairs at the base of the raceme. Flowers are 2-lipped and red-pink in color. The standard petal is almost circular, pink in the front, white on the reverse. Pod is 1 cm, quadrangular, 2-6 jointed. The genus name Alysicarpus means, chain-like fruit. Flowering: August.

Identification credit: Rahul Prabhu Khanolkar Photographed in Belgaum, Karnataka.

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