Pretty Eulophia
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Pretty Eulophia
P Native Photo: P.S. Akarsh
Common name: Pretty Eulophia
Botanical name: Eulophia pulchra    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Eulophia versicolor, Eulophia rouxii, Eulophia striata

Pretty Eulophia is a terrestrial orchid, 60-70 cm tall. Pseudobulbs are mostly above ground. Leaves are 2-4, distinctly stalked, 30-80 cm long, lanceshaped to inverted-lanceshaped, pleated. Flowers are borne in fairly densely many-flowered; clusters, with bracts 10-25 mm long, linear. Flowers are yellow to pale green with purple markings on the side lobes of the lip and an orange callus. Lip is 3-lobed but appearing 4-lobed when flattened, 7 mm long and 18 mm wide. Spur 3-4 mm long, spherical. Pretty Eulophia is found in Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam; E Africa, Australia, Madagascar, Mascarene Islands, Pacific islands.

Identification credit: P.S. Sivaprasad Photographed in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu.

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