Pineapple Dyckia
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Pineapple Dyckia
P Introduced Photo: Nidhan Singh
Common name: Pineapple Dyckia, Sawblade
Botanical name: Dyckia brevifolia    Family: Bromeliaceae (Pineapple family)
Synonyms: Dyckia gemellaria, Dyckia sulphurea

Pineapple Dyckia is a small, clump-forming, terrestrial bromeliad with somewhat fleshy leaves. The individual plants are up to 20 cm in diameter. Leaves are green with small spines around the margins.Yellow flowers are borne in little spikes on tall flowering stems above the rosette of leaves. Pineapple Dyckia is native to Brazil, cultivated as a succulent plant elsewhere.

Identification credit: Surajit Koley Photographed in cactus Garden, Panchkula, Haryana.

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