Persian Yellow Rose
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Persian Yellow Rose
aturalized Photo: Rishad Naoroji
Common name: Persian Yellow Rose
Botanical name: Rosa foetida f. persiana    Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)
Synonyms: Rosa lutea var. persiana Lemaire

Persian Yellow Rose is a beautiful rose native to W. Asia. It is now naturalized in Lahaul and Ladakh. Flowers are deep yellow, double (having more than one layer of petals), borne singly, rarely several, 4-6.5 cm across. Flower-stalks are 4-5 cm long, hairless, bracts absent. The green cup below the flower is depressed-spherical, hairless. Sepals are 5, about twice as long as the green cup, triangular-lanceshaped, leaflike, sparsely velvety below densely hairy above, margin entire or outer ones with a few fine lateral appendages. Styles free, not protruding. The plant is a shrub 1.5-3 m tall. Branchlets are red-brown, slender, hairless. Prickles are sparse, round straight, up to 7 mm, abruptly flaring at base, sometimes intermixed with small prickles and bristles. Leaves including stalk are 4-6 cm long. Stipules are mostly adnate to leaf-stalk, free parts ovate-lanceshaped, tip long-pointed. Rachis and leaf-stalk are velvety. Leaflets are 5-9, rarely 11, dark green above, broadly ovate or obovate, sparsely velvety below, velvety or hairless above, base almost rounded or broadly wedge-shaped, margin double-toothed, tip pointed or flat. Fruit (Hip) is red, spherical, with persistent, erect sepals. Persian Yellow Rose is found in West Asia, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan. In India it is found growing wild in Lahaul & Ladakh.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Sanju, Ladakh.

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