Painted Dendrobium
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Painted Dendrobium
ative Photo: Jis Sebastian
Common name: Painted Dendrobium • Manipuri: ꯎꯔꯩ ꯔꯥꯅꯤ Urei rani
Botanical name: Dendrobium devonianum    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Callista devoniana, Dendrobium pictum, Dendrobium moulmeinense

Painted Dendrobium is an orchid growing on tree trunks as a medium sized, cool to warm growing epiphyte, with pendulous, cylindric, slender, slightly fleshy, sunbranched, many noded stems. Leaves are narrowly ovate-lanceolate, leathery, with clasping sheath base, long-pointed. The plant blooms with an erect to spreading, about a foot long, many-flowered (12 to 18) inflorescence with long-lived, fleshy, fragrant flowers arising from the nodes near the tip of leafless, up to 3 ft long canes. Flowers are scented, spreading, thinly textured. Dorsal sepal is white, upper part tinged with purplish red, veins purple. Lip is white, with the front purplish red, with purplish red stripes on both sides below middle, disk with a yellow spot on either side, an identifying feature. Column is white, both front sides with purple stripes, anther cap white. Dorsal is sepal ovate-lanceolate. Lateral sepals are similar in size and shape, but base slightly oblique. Petals are ovate, about 2.6 × 1.3 cm, margin somewhat frilly. Lip is round, about 3 cm, base shortly clawed, margin frilly. Painted Dendrobium is found in the Chinese Himalayas, Assam, eastern Himalayas, Bhutan, Myanamar, Thailand, Laos, Southern China and Vietnam, in thick montane forests, at altitudes of 500-2000 m.

Identification credit: Pankaj Kumar Photographed in Arunachal Pradesh.

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