Nodding Cattleya
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Nodding Cattleya
P Introduced Photo: Kalyan Brata Santra
Common name: Nodding Cattleya, Nodding Sophronitis
Botanical name: Cattleya cernua    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Sophronia cernua, Sophronitis cernua

Nodding Cattleya is a miniature sized, tree-dwelling and occasionally rock-dwelling orchid that has densely clustered, nearly cylindric or ovoid pseudobulb with 2 or 3 basal nodes and carrying a single, apical, thickly leathery, broadly ovate or elliptic-ovate, blunt or minutely apiculate leaf. The plant blooms with a branch-end, erect, 2-5 cm long, 4-10 flowered inflorescence with nodding flowers. Flowers are orange-red, opening one by one. Sepals are elliptic with pointed tips. The petals are somewhat wider than sepals. The lip is oval, with a pointed tip, and often has a small proportion of yellow inside, the color is yellow-orange. Nodding Cattleya is native native to Brazil to NE Argentina, cultivated elsewhere.

Identification credit: Kalyan Brata Santra Photographed in Kaziranga Orchid Garden, Assam.

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