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ative Photo: Marisha Sharma
Common name: Nilofar, Romanian White Waterlily, Eurpoean white water lily, White water lily • Bengali: Swetshaluk • Manipuri: থরো অঙৌবা Tharo-angouba • Sanskrit: kumuda, utpalam • Tamil: neytarkilanku, neytal, neitharkizhangu • Urdu: نیلوفر Nilofar, گل نیلوفر Gule nilofar • Kashmiri: Brimposh برمپوس
Botanical name: Nymphaea alba    Family: Nymphaeaceae (Waterlily family)
Synonyms: Castalia alba, Nymphaea venusta, Nymphaea splendens

Nilofar is an aquatic flowering plant found in Kashmir. It is also found in Europe and W. Asia and N. Africa. It grows in water from 1-5 ft deep and likes large ponds and lakes. The leaves can be up to 30 cm in diameter and they take up a spread of 5 ft per plant. Leaf's main veins radiate from a single point. The flowers are white and they have many small stamens inside. Flower are 10-20 cm across, unmistakable, with lot of yellow stamens in the center. Petals are 20-25, white, ovate-oblong, 3-6 cm, transition to stamens gradual. Filament of inner stamens are as wide as anther. Carpels are completely united, walls between cells of ovary single. Stigma rays are 14-20; carpellary appendages triangular-tapered. Fruit is semiglobose, 2.5-3 cm. Seeds ellipsoid, 2-3 mm, smooth. Flowerig: June-August.

Identification credit: Marisha Sharma Photographed in Srinagar, Kashmir.

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