Nepal Voodoo Lily
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Nepal Voodoo Lily
P Native Photo: Thingnam Rajshree
Common name: Nepal Voodoo Lily
Botanical name: Amorphophallus napalensis    Family: Araceae (Arum family)
Synonyms: Arum grandiflorum, Thomsonia napalensis, Thomsonia hookeri

Nepal Voodoo Lily is an erect arum with spathe large, spadix stout exposed. Flowers appear before the leaves, with an unpleasant smell. Spathe is large, green, or pale yellow to brown, oblong-boat-shaped 30-46 cm; spadix exposed, very stout, with a rounded tip covered with swellings, green changing to yellow, 13-25 cm long by 2-3 cm broad. Male flowers are in a zone 5-13 cm wide; female flowers below, in a zone 1-2.5 cm wide; appendage 8-10 cm. Leaf-blade is large 30-40 crn across, three times divided into ovate to oblong-lanceshaped long-pointed leaflets, 8-13 cm; leaf-stalk very stout, to 40 cm. Tuber 10- 13 crn across. Nepal Voodoo Lily is found in the Himalayas, from C. Nepal to Sikkim and NE India, at altitudes of 600-1800 m. Forests, shrubberies. Flowering: April-May.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Leimaram, Manipur.

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