Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort
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Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort
ative Photo: D.S. Rawat
Common name: Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort • Nepali: चली म्हॆंदो Chali mhendo
Botanical name: Hypericum podocarpoides    Family: Hypericaceae (St John's Wort family)

Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort is a small branched shrub, growing to 1.5 tall. It has branches covered with numerous linear-lancelike, or narrow elliptic, pointed leaves. Leaves are stalkless and arranged such that one opposite pair is perpendicular to the next. Flowers are yellow, borne in few flower clusters at the end of branches. Individual flowers are 3-4 cm across, petal obovate, longer than sepals, stamens numerous in five clusters. Narrow-Leaved St Johns Wort is found on open slopes and river banks in Uttarakhand at altitudes of 800-2100 m. Flowering: April-July.

Identification credit: D.S. Rawat Photographed near Girgaon, Pithoragarh Distt, Uttarakhand.

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