Mountain Soldierbush
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Mountain Soldierbush
P Native Photo: Thingnam Rajshree
Common name: Mountain Soldierbush • Manipuri: ꯒꯣꯟꯙꯨꯔꯤ Gondhuri
Botanical name: Tournefortia montana    Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)
Synonyms: Tournefortia candollei, Tournefortia heyneana, Tournefortia boniana

Mountain Soldierbush is a climbing shrub, 1-2 m tall; branchlets velvet-hairy. Leaf-stalk are 5-10 mm; leaf blade lanceshaped to ovate-lanceshaped, sometimes oblong, 8-14 x 1.5-4 cm, sparsely bristly, base blunt to rounded to somewhat heart-shaped, tip tapering to with a tail-pointed. Inflorescences terminating leafy branches, with sparse branches, 2-15 × 4-10 cm, bristly. Flowers are unilateral, stalkless. Sepal-cup parted to middle or slightly below, about 2 mm, bristly; lobes lanceshaped to triangular-lanceshaped. Flower-tube is about 6 mm long. with white lobes. Stigma is stalkless at tip of spherical ovary. Fruit is nearly spherical, about 5 mm in diameter. Mountain Soldierbush is found from E. Himalaya to China (Yunnan) and Indo-China.
Medicinal uses: In Manipur, infusion of roots is for used for bathing convalescing babies.

Identification credit: Paradesi Anjaneyulu, Surajit Koley Photographed in Leimaram, Manipur.

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