Moth Orchid hybrid
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Moth Orchid hybrid
ative Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Moth Orchid
Botanical name: Phalaenopsis spp.    Family: Orchidaceae (orchid family)

The genus Phalaenopsis was first recognized by the Dutch botanist Blume in 1825. Today, Phalaenopsis are one of the top ten potted plants in cultivation. Their showy blooms that last for weeks and the relative ease of growing them indoors makes them a prize plant for any household. Although they have been exploited by the horticultural industry for two centuries, there is very little information on the natural habit of these plants. Common Name or Meaning refers to being similar to a moth. This is a vandaceous genus comprised of 50, mostly epiphytic and some lithophytic species spread throughout most all of Asia east of India and the Pacific to the Philippines and south to Australia. Phalaenopsis Rendezvous, a deep pink hybrid. The identifying features are, darker veining covering sepals and petals and vibrantly rich red lip. This orchid usually blooms two or three times during the year. Another beautiful hybrid is Redfan ‘Grazia’, which is white, with a red lip.

Identification credit: P. Rao Pulakhandam, Umberto Boni, Pankaj Kumar & Tarun
Photographs from Delhi & Imphal.
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