Mohru Oak
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Mohru Oak
E Native Photo: Ashutosh Sharma
Common name: Mohru Oak, Green oak, Holly oak • Hindi: मोरु Moru, तिलोंज Tilonj • Nepali: बेले खरमेन्दो Bele kharmendo • Urdu: Barungi, Mom • Mizo: Thal
Botanical name: Quercus floribunda    Family: Fagaceae (Beech family)
Synonyms: Quercus himalayana, Quercus dilatata Royle

Mohru Oak is a tree up to 20 m tall. Leaves elliptic-ovate to broadly lanceshaped, leathery, 4-12 x l.6-5.5 cm, entire to spiny toothed, pointed or blunt; nerves 9-12 pairs, forked at the extremities, both surfaces green, hairless, glaucous, base often oblique; leaf-stalk 0.3-l cm long, hairless. Male flowers are borne in lax catkins, up to 5 cm long; bract lanceshaped, about l.5 mm long, shorter than the perianth, woolly; stamens 4-8, sub-stalkless; anthers hairless. Styles 3-5. Cupule 2-2.4 cm broad, covering half the nut, velvet-hairy. Nut ovoid, brownish, becoming hairless, tipped with an umbo. The leaves are used for fodder. The wood is used as firewood and for making charcoal. Mohru Oak is found in Afghanistan, Pakistan, temperate Himalayas, from Kashmir to Nepal, at altitudes of 1600-2900 m. Flowering: April-May.

Identification credit: Ashutosh Sharma Photographed in Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh.

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