Madagascar Corkwood
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Madagascar Corkwood
P Introduced Photo: Milind Girdhari
Common name: Madagascar Corkwood
Botanical name: Commiphora madagascariensis    Family: Burseraceae (Torchwood family)
Synonyms: Balsamea roxburghii, Commiphora roxburghii, Amyris commiphora

Madagascar Corkwood is a shrub or small tree up to about 5 m tall; bark smooth, dark brown, grey-brown or green-brown; branches often spiny, hairless. Leaves are 1-foliolate or 3-foliolate with 2 much smaller lateral leaflets; leaf-stalk very short, about 1 mm long, or considerably longer, up to 1-5 cm; leaflet-blade up to 4 x 1-5 cm, elliptic or narrowly obovate-spoon-shaped, tip pointed or blunt, margins finely rounded toothed-sawtoothed, base wedge-shaped, hairless on both sides. Flowers appear before the leaves or with the young leaves in nearly stalkless clusters on short side-shoots or spines. Sepal-cup is about 2 mm long, tubular, lobed to 1/3 to 1/2-way, hairless. Petals are about 4 mm long. Disk-lobes are 4. Stamen-filaments slender, nearly round. Fruit is about 1-2 x 0-6 cm, ellipsoid, somewhat flattened, hairless, tip somewhat apiculate. Madagascar Corkwood is native to Tanzania, introduced into India.

Identification credit: Milind Girdhari Photographed in Maharashtra.

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