Light-Pink Porpax
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Light-Pink Porpax
P Native Photo: M. Sawmliana
Common name: Light-Pink Porpax
Botanical name: Porpax lacei    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Eria lacei, Conchidium lacei

Light-Pink Porpax is a mini-miniature sized, tree-dwelling orchid with globular, top-shaped pseudobulbs carrying 2, deciduous, linear leaves. The plant blooms on 1 to 2, hysteranthous, erect, 1 to 3 flowered inflorescence. Inflorescence is stiff, wiry, 3 cm long, bearing one to two white flowers at the tip. Sepals and petals are lanceshaped, petals smaller than the sepals, extended but not fully spreading. Lip is spoon-shaped with yellow keels bordered by a narrow streak of red on both sides. Light-Pink Porpax is found from Assam to northern Thailand, in deciduous forests at altitudes of 100-2000 m.

Identification credit: Saroj Kasaju Photographed in Hmuifang, Mizoram.

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