Lax-Flowered Swamp Orchid
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Lax-Flowered Swamp Orchid
ative Photo: Amit Kotia
Common name: Lax-Flowered Swamp Orchid
Botanical name: Eulophia diffusiflora    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Geodorum laxiflorum

Lax-Flowered Swamp Orchid is a terrestrial orchid. Corm, ovoid, in chain, slightly compressed, greenish or brownish white, with scars of fallen leaves. Leaves are 2-3, alternate, plicate, elliptic-lanceolate, pointed, margins wavy. Inflorescence is lateral arising from the base of newly developed leaf shoot, decurved, terete, sheathed. Flower raceme is lax, upto 6 flowered. Bracts are green, oblong-lanceolate, apiculate. Flowers are white. Sepals are nearly equal, oblong-lanceshaped, abruptly pointed, lateral sepals oblique at the base. Petals are broader, elliptic or obovate, abruptly pointed or blunt. Lip is stalkless on the base of column, cymbiform, entire, ventricorse at the base, rounded or blunt, sides of hypochile erect, epichile undulate, two irregular rows of thick warts starting at the base of the epichile and ending before the apex, white, sac of the lip pointing backwards. Hypochile golden brown within, epichile yellow at the base and pink on the apex. Column stout, short, slightly arched, oblong, slightly dialated. Stigma squarish, broader than long. Anther broadly ovate-orbicular in outline.

Identification credit: Amit Kotia, Pankaj Kumar Photographed in Barkagaon, Jharkhand.

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