Lava Burst Orchid
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Lava Burst Orchid
P Introduced Photo: Kalyan Brata Santra
Common name: Lava Burst Orchid
Botanical name: Rodriguezia lanceolata    Family: Orchidaceae (Orchid family)
Synonyms: Burlingtonia rosea, Rodriguezia secunda, Pleurothallis coccinea

Lava Burst Orchid is a small sized, erect, caespitose tree-dwelling orchid, with ellipsoid, compressed, glossy pseudobulbs subtended by several leaf-like bracts equal in length to the single, apical, linear-lanceshaped, stalked, pointed, rigid, leathery, leaf that is "v" shaped in cross-section. The inflorescence is up to 35 cm long, several to many flowered, with ovate, tapering floral bracts, with all the flowers on the top side of the inflorescence. Flowers are many, pink to rose-red; sepals dissimilar, 9-12 x 5-6 mm, the dorsal sepal ovate, blunt or somewhat pointed, concave, the lateral sepals fused for entire length, the resulting structure swollen in profile, 1-1.5 cm long. Petals are obovate, pointed or apiculate, 9-12 x 6-7 mm; lip entire, oblong-obovate, deeply notched, with wavy margins, 12-15 x 5-7 mm, the callus bicarinate; column nearly cylindric, with 2 short teeth on underside. Lava Burst Orchid is found in wet montane forests at altitudes around 650 to 1500 m. It is a rare species of orchid from South America, grows well in Indian climate. Flowering: all year.

Identification credit: Kalyan Brata Santra Photographed in Kaziranga Orchid Garden, Assam.

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