Laurel Bow-Wood
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Laurel Bow-Wood
ative Photo: Anita Kindre
Common name: Laurel Bow-Wood • Kannada: ಹರಿಕಿಂಜಲಿ harikinjali, ಸಗರೆ sagare • Konkani: साजेरी sajeri • Malayalam: കാനക്കൈത kanakkaita, മഞ്ഞനാര mannanara • Marathi: हरकिंजळ harkinjal, सागेरी sageri, साजेरी sajeri Source: Names of Plants in India
Botanical name: Sageraea laurifolia    Family: Annonaceae (Sugar-apple family)
Synonyms: Guatteria laurifolia Graham, Cananga pseudolancea

Laurel Bow-Wood is a tree, up to 12 m tall. Bark is irregularly flaky, blaze light brown. Branchlets are slender, round, hairless. Leaves are simple, alternate, carried on stout stalks 0.5-1.3 cm long. Leaves are 10-30 x 3-10 cm, narrow oblong to narrow elliptic, tip pointed to gradually long-pointed or blunt, base narrow, hairless, margin entire. Secondary nerves are 8-13 pairs. Flowers are small, cream, solitary or in clusters on older branches with elongated stalks. The flowers are followed by clusters of berries, which are stalkless, spherical, up to 4 cm across. Laurel Bow-Wood is endemic to the Western Ghats - rare in South Sahyadri and occasional in North Malanad of Central Sahyadri to Konkan Coast.

Identification credit: Anita Kindre Photographed at Tamhini Ghat, Maharashtra.

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