Laelia Orchid
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Laelia Orchid
ntroduced Photo: Sobhapati Samom
Common name: Laelia Orchid
Botanical name: Laelia anceps     Family: Orchidaceae (orchid family)

Laelia is a small genus of eleven species from the orchid family. Laelia anceps hybrids are closely related to the genus Cattleya. Sometimes laelias are hard to distinguish from cattleyas. Laelia anceps is one of the easiest of all orchids to grow and flower. This excellent plant for beginners is quite undemanding in cultural requirements and will thrive in most any orchid grower´s collection. Perhaps the most important characteristic of L. anceps culture is the wide temperature range which it can take and still grow and flower. It is probably named after Laelia, one of the Vestal Virgins. Another possibility is the name borne by female members of the Roman patrician family of Laelius. Laelia anceps is native to Mexico.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Manipur

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