Konkan Trithuria
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Konkan Trithuria
A Native Photo: Mayur Nandikar
Common name: Konkan Trithuria
Botanical name: Trithuria konkanensis    Family: Hydatellaceae (Watergrass family)

Konkan Trithuria is an annual herb, up to 1.3 cm high, green to red in color, growing around sandy-gravelly areas. Roots are fibrous, unbranched. Stem is reduced. Leaves are clustered, numerous, linear, up to 12 x 0.8 mm, erect or spreading, flattened, entire, pointed at tip, 1-nerved, green to red coloured, aere.nchyrnatous; uniseriate hairs present among leaves. Flower-heads are numerous, with a flowering-stem, crowded among leaves; stalk up to 2 mm long, grooved; bracts 2, linear, up to 5 x 0.6 mm, 1-nerved, leaf like. Flowers are uni-sexual, naked. Male flowers solitary with red colored stamens, one per capitulum, at the centre, surrounded by female flowers; filaments stout, up to 6 mm long; anthers basifixed, up to 1 mm long, oblong-elliptic, 2-lobed. Female flowers are 15-20 per capitulum, each represented by a solitary pistil; ovary ovoid, upto 0.1 mm long, triquetrous, variously stalked; stigmatic hairs 2-5, in one series, at different stages of growth, up to 5 mm long, red in color. Fruits are tiny, up to 0.3 mm long, ovoid with three longitudinal ribs, stigmatic hairs persistent. Seeds are translucent with dark tip. Konkan Trithuria is found in Maharashtra.

Identification credit: Mayur Nandikar Photographed in Sindhudurg distt., Maharashtra.

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