Kashmir Daphne
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Kashmir Daphne
ative Photo: Suresh Rana
Common name: Kashmir Daphne
Botanical name: Daphne mucronata    Family: Thymelaeaceae (Daphne family)
Synonyms: Daphne acuminata, Daphne cachemireana, Daphne coriacea

Kashmir Daphne is an erect, much-branched evergreen wiry shrub, with narrowly inverted-lanceshaped, grey leathery leaves, and creamy white or yellowish fragrant flowers borne in dense clusters at branch ends. Flowers have a tube 1 cm long, densely woolly-haired outside, petals spreading, ovate blunt. Leaves are 2-4 cm long, stalkless, alternately arranged on the branches. Stems are 2 m or more tall, with young branchlets hairy, reddish-brown, older branches greyish. Fruit is ellipsoid, reddish-orange, somewhat haiory, enclose in enlarged sepals. Kashmir Daphne is found in the Himalayas, from Pakistan to Himachal Pradesh at altitudes of 1500-2700 m. It is common in Kashmir and Chenab valleys. Flowering: April-May.

Identification credit: Tabish Photographed in Paddar Valley and Darori Doda, Jammu & Kashmir.

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