Kanara Climber
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Kanara Climber
P Native Photo: Dinesh Valke
Common name: Kanara Climber • Malayalam: കണ്ണാരംവള്ളി Kannaram valli
Botanical name: Aspidopterys canarensis    Family: Malpighiaceae (Barbados cherry family)
Synonyms: Aspidopterys glomerata

Kanara Climber is a woody climber, found in the evergreen forests of Western Ghats. Leaves are ovate to elliptic-lanceshaped, long-pointed, base rounded or narrow, hairless, 7-10 x 3-5 cm. Leaf-stalks are about 1 cm long. Flowers are borne in slender stalks, clustered in leaf axils or leafscars. Bracts are rusty velvety. Sepals are velvety. Petals are oblong, yellow, 4 x 2 mm. Samara is nearly circular, flat at tip, papery, 3-4 cm across. Flowering: February-May.

Identification credit: Prashant Awale, N.Sasidharan, Shrikant Ingalhalikar, G.Rao Photographed in Kathalekan, Karnataka.

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