Juniper Dwarf Mistletoe
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Juniper Dwarf Mistletoe
ative Photo: Krishan Lal
Common name: Juniper Dwarf Mistletoe
Botanical name: Arceuthobium oxycedri    Family: Santalaceae (Sandalwood family)
Synonyms: Arceuthobium juniperi, Viscum oxycedri, Razoumofskya oxycedri

Juniper Dwarf Mistletoe is small in size averaging between 2 and 15 cm. It is tufted, yellow-green, semi-parasite on Juniper trees, internodes up to 8 mm long. Leaves are opposite, up to 2 mm long, connate, calyculate, ovate, acute. Flowers are solitary or in 2-4 flowered terminal clusters, sub-nearly stalkless. Male flower is 3-4 petalled, petals 1-1.5 mm long, elliptic-ovate, acute, hairless, yellow. Anthers are 3-4, sub-globose, 0.5 mm broad, sessile, attached to the middle of the perianth lobes. Female flower is 1 mm long, obovate, persistent, ovary sub-sessile, style cylindrical. Berry is ovate-oblong, 2 mm long, glabrous, shortly pedicellate. Seed is cylindrical, 1.5 mm long, acute, slightly pubescent, dispersal explosive. Juniper Dwarf Mistletoe is found in India, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan; N Africa, SW Asia, S Europe, at altitudes of 3000-4100 m. Flowering: August-September. Fl. Per.: Aug.-Sept.

Identification credit: Krishan Lal Photographed in Lahaul-Spiti, Himachal Pradesh.

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