Indian Arrowroot
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Indian Arrowroot
ative Photo: Pravin Kawale
Common name: Indian Arrowroot • Hindi: तिखुर Tikhur • Marathi: Chavar चवर • Malayalam: കൂവാ Koova
Botanical name: Curcuma caulina    Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger family)
Synonyms: Hitchenia caulina

Indian Arrowroot is a annual herb growing upto 50-100 cm high. The plant has perennial rhizomes with many hanging tubers. Oblong lancelike leaves are upto half a meter long. Flowers occur in a spike 10-15 cm long, and are yellow or white. More prominent are the greenish white or pinkish white bracts. Indian Arrowroot is grown for its tubors. The powder from the root is used to make porridges and eaten during upvas in Kerala.

Identification credit: Pravin Kawale Photographed in Alibag, Maharashtra.

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