Fukien Tea
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Fukien Tea
ntroduced Photo: Thingnam Girija
Common name: Fukien Tea, Carmona, Philippine tea • Hindi: Pala • Tamil: Kattu-vellilai, Kodikarai, குருவிஞ்சி Kuruvinchi • Telugu: బావనబూరె Bavanaburei, బూరె Bure • Kannada: Bute
Botanical name: Ehretia microphylla    Family: Boraginaceae (Forget-me-not family)
Synonyms: Carmona retusa

A very small genus of tropical tree which was once referred to (and still often listed as) Carmona. Fukien tea is a tropical shrub originating in the Fujan province of China and other parts of Southeast Asia. It is very popular for bonsai in China, but not a traditional favorite in Japan. It can be grown outdoors in warm climates, but is quite popular as an indoor bonsai. The leaves on this tree are small, shiny, and dark green, covered with tiny hairs. Together, the leaves form a dense and compact appearance. This tree has small white flowers that can bloom at any time. The flowers turn into red berries that turn darker with age. Trained in the traditional curved trunk style.

Identification credit: K. Karthigeyan & Nandan Kalbag Photographed in Garden of Five Senses, Delhi & Tamilnadu.
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